— [http://goo.gl/RFa1l1] The Solace of Open Spaces is ultimately memoir, but potentially crosses borders with other forms within the genre creative prose._______________________travel, nature writing, and literary journalism.

:: RT: http://goo.gl/RFa1l1 The Solace of Open Spaces #GretelEhrlich #TravelWriting #LiteraryJournalism #CreativeNonfiction #Wyoming #CowboyLife #USAliterature #Literature #StudyNotes #UniversityStudies #PDF #Videos An essay on antelope, moving in small, graceful bands, in Wyoming

Author Gretel Ehrlich talks with Marcia Franklin about her works, and her concerns about global climate change. Ehrlich is the author of more than a dozen books, including "The Solace of Open Spaces" and "A Match to the Heart."

The Solace of Open Spaces, excerpt — Gretel Ehrlich, PDF ::

The Solace of Open Spaces — Gretel Ehrlich, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


This conversation with author Gretel Ehrlich took place at the Sun Valley Writers' Conference in 2014 ::

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• [1] Ehrlich, Gretel. The Solace of Open Spaces. New York: Penguin Group, 1985.

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