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Story telling is one of the most ancient forms of human expression. In an increasingly complex and media-saturated world there are a vast range of digital tools that allow students to express through digital narratives. Digital storytelling emerged over the last few years as a powerful teaching and learning tool that engages both teachers and their students, (Robin, Bernard R. 2008. Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the21st Century Classroom. The College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University )

Storybird is an extremely engaging collaborative storywriting website that embodies three ideas – creating, reading, and sharing. It is also a collaborative storytelling tool that allows students to focus more on the content of their writing rather than drawing pictures. Students are provided with the pictures - free collections of art. They just have to add the words to write stories. Once the art is chosen, students are able to build their story by dragging and dropping pictures and creating/writing a story to match the pictures chosen. Stories can enclose a variety of genders – poetry, mysteries, tales, among others.

Storybird is an essential tool for any teacher wanting to improve writing skills in their classrom, to engage boys and girls particularly in their writing and lastly to effectively integrate e-learning into their literacy programme.

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the 21st Century Classroom, Bernard R. Robin, PDF ::

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


Storybird - all you need to know: In this free lesson you will learn all the key features you need to know to set up Storybird for your classroom. You will find out how to create student accounts, how to search for books, how to embed books onto your class blog and finally how to create your own books or poems using this fantastic tool for literacy.

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Storybird Tutorial (teacher oriented):

Storybird Tutorial for Students:

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