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Khan Academy is an online based nonprofit educational organization founded in 2006 by MIT graduate Salman Khan. The website is an online database of many short YouTube videos that teach many different subjects. The videos are made with a tablet, drawing application SmoothDraw 3, and recorded with screen capture software from Camtasia Studio. The videos are absolutely free for anyone with an internet connection and an interest in learning. The non-profit company has the goal of “changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.” Mr. Khan is the sole teacher in every video. One hears his voice, but not his face. Rather, writing on the screen appears as if it were a blackboard.

There are over 2800 videos that cover topics including biology, chemistry, physics, history, mathematics, and other related fields of study. The videos are usually short (most are around ten minutes), and can cover both theory and distinct problems. When asked why the videos are so appealing to many people, Mr. Khan stated that he is "95 percent of the time working through that problem real time. And to see that it is actually sometimes a messy process. That, you know, it isn't always this clean process where you just know the answer. I think that's what people like, the kind of humanity there."

Khan Academy Videos: A Valuable Teaching Supplement PDF ::

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Video lectures - Developmental Math 3: Khan Academy ::

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