— [http://goo.gl/V66m7w] Porn Virus Spreading via Facebook._______________________Don't get tag.

:: RT: Get Smarter http://goo.gl/V66m7w Prevent Being Tag In Porn by a Video on Facebook: it is a Virus | #Malware #FB #Virus #Facebook #SocialMedia #Technology | Facebook: Don't click on that porn video shared by a Facebook friend: it is a virus

Advanced Facebook Privacy settings video. Here I show you how to set all your Facebook profile settings to the most private settings. How to hide your Friends List - Hide your phone number - Delete Facebook - Disable Facial Recognition - Hide all your past posts from public view - Hide all your "likes" - Approve Tags before they are posted and much more.

Leonie Smith is The Cyber Safety Lady her video's feature cyber safety and safety tips. Practical tips on privacy settings for apps, software and social media. Parent education on technology, gaming, social media and cyber safety. Advice for anyone using social media with privacy and safety.


Don't get tag on a virus porno video on Facebook. Narrated by the Aussie Blogger Leonie Smith ::

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