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Understanding teaching qualities point to a long history in the educational sciences. However – understanding / or measuring teaching qualities have proven difficult.

All studies trying to understand classroom teaching and learning underscore the role of teachers. Recent studies suggest: Teachers represent the most important factor in student achivement, outside family and education.

My professor in pedagogy, Kirsti Klette, at the University of Oslo is Director of the Research group Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. She is also Leader of the TeachingLearningVideoLab Oslo and Co-director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Education.

Her areas of research is teaching and learning in classrooms/ video documentation of classroom learning/ how to measure instructional quality, and teacher education. Kirsti Klette has received major grants for national and comparative studies in these areas of research, including a recently national and Nordic funding focusing on Linking Instruction and Student Achievement (LISA).

In the video below Kirsti Klette will present data from the ongoing comparative project "Coherence and Assignments in Teacher Education" (CATE). The project investigates how different teacher education programs (in Finland, Norway, and the United States /California) meet the requirements of coherence and provide student teachers opportunities to learn that are grounded in practice. Using a comparative design that examines teacher education institutions and program features from different data sources and in three national contexts, this research provides information on teacher preparation across countries and programs. An overall aim of the project is to illuminate features of teacher preparation that link theory and practice more effectively in teacher education.


"Coding Manuals as Lenses into Teaching Expertise: Measuring teaching expertise from the point of classroom observations," by Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo, 2014 PDF/PPT ::

Teaching matters: Research on teaching qualities. What do we know?, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


Pondering Excellence in Teaching : Kirsti Klette, Professor at the University of Oslo:

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• [1] Klette, K. (2009). "Challenges in strategies for complexity reduction in video studies. Experiences from the PISA+ study: A video study of teaching and learning in Norway." In T. Janik & T. Seidel (red). The power of video studies in investigating teaching and learning in the classroom (s. 61-83). Münster: Waxman publishing.

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  1. My professor http://goo.gl/3I1MPl in #pedagogy, Kirsti Klette, at (#UiO) the University of #Oslo: "Pondering Excellence in #Teaching." #Education #Pedagogy #Læring #Utdanning #Pedagogikk #Klasseromsforskning #Videoanalyse #Læringsutbytte

    Hva vet vi om god undervisning? av Kirsti Klette, professor - Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleforskning.


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