— [http://goo.gl/yABCjl] The role of grammar in the teaching of writing_______________________Debra Myhill, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter.

:: RT: An effective pedagogy for the teaching of writing ▶ http://goo.gl/5rA09h ◀ There has never been a critical theorization of how grammar might support the development of writing, and thus there has been very limited research which has explored this relationship ↠ #Education #Pedagogy #Grammar #Writing #Linguistics #ContextualUnderstanding

Children’s success or failure in writing, and effective pedagogies for the teaching of writing, are both issues of concern at present in many English-speaking countries.

A decade of research into the development of writing in school-aged children led by Professor Debra Myhill has shaped national and international policy, improved children's writing abilities and changed classroom practice.

Professor Debra Myhill is winner of the 'Outstanding Impact in Society' category of the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize 2014. The ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize recognises and rewards the successes of ESRC-funded researchers achieving outstanding economic and societal impacts.

— A theorized interpretation of how knowledge about grammar might inform both learners’ and teachers’ understanding of writing, rather than looking more broadly and generally at knowledge about language ::


"Ways of Knowing: Writing with Grammar in Mind," by Debra Myhill, 2005, PDF ::

Ways of Knowing: Writing with Grammar in Mind, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira

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  1. :: Teach ‪#‎grammar‬ in a contextualized way - focus on effects achieved, so ‪#‎students‬ have a wider range of ‪#‎techniques‬ with which to craft ‪#‎creative‬, ‪#‎effective‬ texts.

    1. RT: [http://goo.gl/yABCjl] Provide engaging and #interactive lessons - explore #digital resources focused on building #grammatical knowledge and improving #writing.

    2. :: RT: [http://goo.gl/5rA09h] motivate your #students to write independently - encourage students to reflect on their #writing and understand how to improve it with a range of #activities.


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