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During the 2008 and 2012 electoral cycles, the music preferences of presidential candidates became the subject of endless commentary, critique, and consternation. While “a little musical priming,” to use Irving Berlin’s words, has been par for the course at least since the 1840s, candidates have increasingly relied on thoughtfully curated playlists of pre-existing songs in various campaign contexts, both live and online.


"I Got a Little List: Spotifying Barack Obama," by Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, PDF ::

I Got a Little List: Spotifying Barack Obama, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira

"I Got a Little List: Spotifying Barack Obama," by Dana Gorzelany-Mostak.


MP3 — BuzzFeed is only one of countless sites where Internet users can fashion lists, whether it be lists of their own favorite songs (e.g., Listology, Listverse, and Ranker), or actual playlists (e.g., iTunes, Slacker Radio, and Spotify). The emergence of these sites illustrates another point germane to this study: advances in communication and media technologies, such as the proliferation of portable media devices, peer-to-peer file sharing, networked communications infrastructure, and the interoperability of digital platforms, have transformed the public’s engagement with music lists in the twenty-first century ::

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