— [http://goo.gl/hh9vhF] Nettie Stevens was one of the first female scientists to make a name for herself in the biological sciences._______________________To prove the fertilizing power of semen (which contain sperm), in 1784, scientists put pants on male frogs before allowing them to mate. It was noted that the resulting eggs never developed.

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Nettie Stevens was the major source of evidence” for chromosomal determination of sex. "The determination of sex is not by inheritance but by the combined effect of external conditions." wrote Edmund Beecher Wilson in The Cell in Development and Inheritance (1896). A definitive statement that was expanded on later in the work to state that "...it is certain that sex as such is not inherited”. While stated with authority by a leading biologist of the time, such answers to the question of how sex is determined were not satisfying and required more explanation, forcing contemporaries to look more critically at inheritance patterns.

Nettie Stevens discovered that in some species chromosomes are different among the sexes, by observations of insect chromosomes. The discovery was the first time that observable differences of chromosomes could be linked to an observable difference in physical attributes, i.e. if an individual is a male or a female.

Nettie Stevens: A Discoverer of Sex Chromosomes.


Sex Determination: More Complicated Than You Thought ::

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"According to most biologists and historians who have written on the subject, the crucial step in the discovery of chromosomal sex determination was taken in 1905 by Nettie M. Stevens," PDF ::

Nettie Maria Stevens and the Discovery of Sex Determination by Chromosomes, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


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