Kopimism - Photo: illustration/kopimistsamfundet

Kopimism is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good.

:: RT: #Religion #atheists || The act of copying and sharing is sacred; copy me!! #KOPIMISM, a non-exclusionary religion founded in 2012 in Sweden. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are sacred symbols. You probably are one already. [Kopimism bless Facebook and Kopimism bless Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Google, etc., etc.] http://kopimistsamfundet.se/english/


Copy. download, uplooad! All knowlegde to all! Information technology is not to be feathered by laws.

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