— [http://goo.gl/ZpHWLf] 'If you copy, you know, one person, it's plagiarism,_______________________but if you copy a lot of people, it's research.'

:: RT: ▶ What is plagiarism and what is research? http://goo.gl/ZpHWLf Is Google infringing copyrighted works? | #Plagiarism #Copyright #Google #Books #Education #CopyrightRights

Discussion of the dilemma that search engine Google poses with its Google Book Search tool. The powerful software can scan whole sections of books for reading online, raising questions of copyright infringement.

[...] there's certainly nothing wrong with drawing on the work of other people. That's how all intellectual progress is made. That's what a culture is; it's a conversation among various people. But if you would be simply boiling down one person's work and presenting it as your own, that would be improper.

Google, the gargantuan online search engine, has gotten into hot water recently over Google Book Search. It's an ambitious plan to digitize libraries and make them searchable online. But several organizations have sued to halt the program because Google would be scanning copyrighted material without permission.


A guy mostly took the structure of one college textbook and then used that in creating this high school lesson plan. ::

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