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Ecological modernization is a set of principles that presupposes that resolving the environmental crisis can be done within the current capitalistic system.

IKEA refrains from formulating consumption as an issue of concern, and instead focuses on conceptualizing environmental solutions in innovation, technology, and unclear definitions of sustainability. Additionally, IKEA seeks to increase consumption (defined as sustainable) as part of its environmental policies.

Shopping at IKEA; A 5 Paragraph Essay, Benjamin Madeira, PDF ::

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My Hook / Attention Getter ::

When buying home furnishings, most people prefer brand new products, but at what cost? Others will go for those that are already used and are cheaper, hence compromising the value.

My transitional sentence ::

Imagine, however, if one could buy something brand new, which has been used, and recycled, at a fair price? Well, IKEA makes it all possible.

My Background ::

At IKEA, they reduce, reuse, and recycle while not compromising on the quality of their merchandise.

My Thesis Statement ::

IKEA offers a 1) large variety of products, with a 2) large inventory, and 3) lower prices. Affirming that everybody should shop at IKEA, the world-renowned furnishing company, is equipping you with a long-lasting advice.

My first body paragraph ::

IKEA provides an “all under one roof” kind of environment with a variety of home furnishings. Its categories include closets, bookshelves, kitchen and bathroom fittings, children’s beds and various other home additions (Jaramillo 52). IKEA provides products with fresh designs that are not confined to a particular class of people. Moreover, its designs will satisfy the diverse tastes that consumers have. One cannot simply walk out of an IKEA store without getting anything that appeals to his needs, style, and sense of allure. The company has included the customer’s prerogative into the way they make their products and an assortment the shoppers can choose from such that the consumer has a sustainable living (Ravn, 23).

My second body paragraph ::

IKEA offers the kind of inventory rarely seen among other companies in their dealings with the consumer. They allow the customer to check out the products and even carry them out themselves. IKEA makes it possible for the customer to see in real life and real time how the furnishings will look in their homes from the realistic displays. They offer ideas on the decorations that a customer can add to compliment the setting (Jaramillo 3). IKEA also has a good relationship with their suppliers which offers a conducive environment for the customer to always be assured to get the newest, quality, and accessorized products that have just been produced.

My third body paragraph ::

‘When the deal is too good,’ they say, ‘think twice.’ Not at IKEA. Who does not want to purchase cheap products? IKEA goes a step further by reducing costs except the one’s linked to the quality of the product. This is made possible by allowing customers to choose, collect and assemble the products on their own. Hence reducing the expenses of storing and transporting the products (Jaramillo 54). In essence, the consumer gets a better deal for a product of higher quality at IKEA than from other furnishing manufacturing companies. The idea of having low prices from manufacturing to the distribution and eventual sale of the product allows IKEA to compete with the others in the industry while having quality designs (Jaramillo 3). The products made by IKEA last long and therefore bringing satisfaction into homes for a long time. Whoever said that “cheaply is expensive,” has not visited an IKEA store.

My Conclusion ::

In promoting its mantra to better the life of everyone, IKEA has succeeded in enhancing people’s livelihood by offering quality products at pocket-friendly prices. Anyone who shops anywhere else for home furnishings should have the experience of [3)] low prices, [1)] high variety products and designs, and [2)] excellent inventory at an IKEA store. Swedish built company, IKEA is a brand new, used products’ brand that has stood the test of time and competition. If it’s worth it, do not pay much.



• [2] Ravn, Kenneth. "The Ikea message: deconstructing Ikea's environmental discourse-Sustainability and profit." Bachelor thesis in Human Ecology (Supervisor: Anders Burman). Sweden: Department of Human Ecology, Lund University, 2015. Print.

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