— [http://goo.gl/1lGisp] Creating one writing activity in the ESL classroom in lower secondary school in Norway related to argumentative/persuasive writing. _______________________Didactical task.

:: RT: http://goo.gl/1lGisp Advertising cares for only one thing: ideas. And have you got any? Nearly all of these ads are shocking, disturbing, distressing and emotional | #Ads #ESL #Education #Pedagogy #English #StudyNotes #UniversityStudies #Writing #Advertising #CreativeWriting #Advertisements

UK ADVERTISING AIMS TO COMBINE CREATIVITY AND EFFECTIVENESS. Advertising developed by British agencies continues to excel on the world stage, producing commercially creative campaigns that win over clients, awards juries and –most importantly– consumers.

Advertisements are all around us today and have been for a long time. More than 30% of UK advertising expenditure is in digital media, the highest figure in the world.

#1: I am writing a whole text where I describe 1 writing activity my students have to do in the ESL classroom. They have to write a text where they argue/convince their readers.

#2: In my whole text I am explaining my markers how I would organize my writing project together with my students.

#3: I am writing how I am going to guide (scaffold) my students in the writing project, etc.

#4: I am writing what is the purpose of the writing activity.

#5: I am explaining/arguing the way I am going to work with the writing method I have chosen.

I am gathering my students in small groups and have them to watch the top 10 most effective and shocking adverts/commercials from the UK below, and then write a manuscript of their own adverts based on the ads they just have watched, and then set their own ads up. Their writing/ads have to be argumentative/persuasive using the Twitter app Periscope or any other digital device of their preference. Why is this useful? My focus is the digital writing and digital storytelling.

"Measuring Affective Advertising: Implications of Low Attention Processing on Recall": This paper is about affective advertising, defined as that which works on our emotions and feelings not just on our knowledge and beliefs. We compare the most popular recall-based metric – claimed ad awareness – against an approach which deduces effectiveness from recognition, and find claimed ad awareness seriously underestimates the effectiveness of the advertising tested, by Robert Heath & Agnes Nairn, University of Bath, 2005, PDF ::

Measuring Affective Advertising, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


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