— [http://goo.gl/YVXx4H] Theories of origin: pidgins; The process of development: from pidgin to creole; The scope of pidgins and creoles _______________________Loreto Todd, 2005, School of English, University of Leeds.

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"Pidgins and creoles are today to be found in every continent. References to their existence go back to the Middle Ages and it is likely that they have always arisen when people speaking mutually unintelligible languages have come into contact. Yet what are they? It is convenient to begin with the useful myth that we can give short, neat definitions of the terms ‘pidgin’ and ‘creole’, though it is worth stressing from the outset that the many-faceted nature of human languages is unlikely to be encapsulated in a few sentences. In a very real sense, the entire book is the definition, and the full nature of pidgins and creoles will emerge only gradually" (Loreto Todd).

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