— [http://goo.gl/vW8lzH] "You don’t know a language, you live it. You don’t learn a language, you get used to it."_______________________– Khatzumoto.

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In order to learn a language quickly and efficiently, knowing what to focus on, how to study, and how to make the best use of your limited time is really what it’s all about.

Olly Richards will show you the techniques he has used to learn many languages, and how you can do it too.

Lack of time is the most common complaint from language learners. The reality is that if you want to learn a new language quickly, you must become a master of your time. You don’t need lots of time to make real progress in a language – 15-30 minutes a day is enough – but you do need to make sure that you’re spending your time doing things that work, or you’re simply wasting your time.


MP3 — Olly Richards: How to Learn Any Language ::

10 Essential Tech Resources for Smart Language Learners.


Interview with Olly Richards: Learning Languages ::

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