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:: RT: Collision course ▶ https://goo.gl/mdihVQ ◀, Definition: If two or more people or things are on a collision course, there is likely to be a sudden and violent disagreement between them, they are likely to meet and crash into each other violently.

Example: "The proposal on age limits for gun purchases will put the president on a collision course with the National Rifle Association, which endorsed him and donated to his White House campaign." Source: The Guardian/ https://goo.gl/rcxPXr

Sometimes we say or do something that puts us on a collision course with someone else, and a confrontation might seem inevitable. It is this moment of conflict - after it has begun but before it has developed into a full-blown battle - that students should reflect upon. At the heart of many conflicts, we find colliding ideas, values, and beliefs.

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Chappatte in The New York Times - RUL2C?
Chappatte Cartoons in The New York Times



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NRA Conflict Resolution Shoppe - RUL2C?
Signe Wilkinson, cartoonist






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Nixon to Trump - RUL2C?
Rob Rogers, cartoonist



"There is no denying the similarities between Trump's controversial firing of FBI director James Comey and Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre during the Watergate investigation. The only difference is Nixon was actually qualified to be president." Written by Rob Rogers




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