— [https://goo.gl/gsAFJv] If two or more people or things are on a collision course, they are likely to meet and crash into each other violently:_______________________My students at the Upper Secondary School are getting ready for the Mock exam!

:: RT: Collision course ▶ https://goo.gl/awsKMz ◀, Definition: If two or more people or things are on a collision course, there is likely to be a sudden and violent disagreement between them, they are likely to meet and crash into each other violently.

Example: "The proposal on age limits for gun purchases will put the president on a collision course with the National Rifle Association, which endorsed him and donated to his White House campaign." Source: The Guardian/ https://goo.gl/rcxPXr

Sometimes we say or do something that puts us on a collision course with someone else, and a confrontation might seem inevitable. It is this moment of conflict - after it has begun but before it has developed into a full-blown battle - that students should reflect upon. At the heart of many conflicts, we find colliding ideas, values, and beliefs.

▶ Photo of Saffiyah Khan defying EDL protester in Birmingham goes viral ◀


Saffiyah Khan went viral - RUL2C?
Photo/ illustration: Joe Giddens/ Twitter


The Guardian, April 9, 2017
By Frances Perraudin

A photograph showing a young woman smiling bemusedly at an incensed English Defence League protester has been widely shared as a symbol of Birmingham’s defiance in the face of the far right.

The woman pictured has been identified as Saffiyah Khan, who is from Birmingham. Her family has links to Bosnia and Pakistan. She said the picture was taken when she stepped in to defend a woman wearing a hijab, who had been surrounded by a group of the protesters after she called them racists.

“She was quite a small woman,” Khan said. “When I realized that nothing was being done [by the police] and she was being surrounded 360, that’s when I came in as well.”

She described the man who confronted her as “an angry man having a bit of a rant”.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Khan said the best responses she has had from the photograph were from people who had got in touch to tell her how the picture had personally affected them. “I’ve had lots of stories about [people’s] daughters being affected and how they see me as a role model,” she said.


Khan told Vice that she hoped to use her newfound status to “fight against racism on the streets of the UK”. She added: “[I’ve] got big things planned, focusing on the bigger picture. Being viral is worthless if nothing helpful comes of it.”



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Saffiyah Khan on her confrontation with Far Right leader (Youtube video).



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