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:: RT: Collision course ▶ https://goo.gl/6VXdSz ◀, Definition: If two or more people or things are on a collision course, there is likely to be a sudden and violent disagreement between them, they are likely to meet and crash into each other violently.

Example: "The proposal on age limits for gun purchases will put the president on a collision course with the National Rifle Association, which endorsed him and donated to his White House campaign." Source: The Guardian/ https://goo.gl/rcxPXr

Sometimes we say or do something that puts us on a collision course with someone else, and a confrontation might seem inevitable. It is this moment of conflict - after it has begun but before it has developed into a full-blown battle - that students should reflect upon. At the heart of many conflicts, we find colliding ideas, values, and beliefs.

▶ Who Are Australia's Aboriginal People? Why are YouTube comments the worst on the internet? ◀


The following comments can be found below the video “Who are Australia’s Aboriginal People?” on YouTube:



Cuauhtemoc Miquiztli - 1 year ago
i bet white Australians said i have aboriginal blood so i have the right to stay here just like white americans went they don't know what to say they always come with i have Native American blood lol

Austin Staab - 2 years ago (edited)
Lol "We're sorry" day... It's not like the Australians today had anything to do with the genocide of the native tribes; that was obviously previous generations. That's like me going up to a Native American and apologizing for everything the American colonists and Europeans did to the Native Americans.

honeybunch - 1 year ago
national sorry day????!!??wow what a joke

J.J. NOX - 2 years ago
If only America was sympathetic enough to have a "We are Sorry" day for all the non-white people they have wronged over the years. On second thought there might not be enough days in the year.

IDEEN TV ABC - 2 years ago
You forgot to mention that the aboriginal people of Australia, receive benefits from the Australian government that regular people dont get.

BeauBum89 - 2 years ago
Please tell me; an Aboriginal person, what benefits me and my people get please? I need to know in order to tap into them

GUY Tang - 1 year ago
Most of Aboriginals today are drug addict and became criminals, because of the white peoples

χρονης κ. - 1 year ago
GUY Tang
sure.. it is not like they are usually tribal people who can't adapt... and no matter who and what you are if you are alcoholic or drug addict it is your fault

Sol i - 1 year ago
they also have a high suicide rate you never Mentioned. Anytime a group of people are oppressed and are treated poorly towards they are going to do desperate things to either cope with it or survive




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