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When teachers want their students to learn English in the ESL classroom, they push forward the memorization methond of isolated word, in this case: blind, mouse, mice, tail, tails.

Why should students learn isolated words when they can learn full sentences using storytelling / the resources on this song/story we can find on internet.

Original Homework: Isolated New English words - Vocabulary

blind - blind

mouse - mus

mice - (flere) mus

tail - hale

tails - haler

Modified Homework: English Vocabulary with Norwegian and Spanish translation

blind - blind - ciego

mouse - mus - ratón

mice - (flere) mus - ratones

tail - hale - cola

tails - haler - colas

Original Instruction: You can learn at least four of them.

My comments: Why not learn all the words in the song?

Learning English deeply - English in Use - English in Context:

1) Three blind mice. (Tres ratones ciegos)

2) See how they run. (mira cómo corren [corren por ahí].)

3) They all ran after (todos corren tras [persiguen])

4) the farmer's wife (la mujer del granjero [a la mujer del granjero])

5) who cut off their tails (que les cortó sus colas [sus colas cortó)

6) with a carving knife. (con un cuchillo de cocina [con cuchillo de acero].)

7) Did you ever see (¿Alguna vez viste [¿acaso has visto tú algo así])

8) such a sight in your life? (algo así antes? [como tres ratones ciegos]?)


"Three Blind Mice: Homework activity" PDF ::

Three Blind Mice: Homework activity, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


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