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:: RT: Teaching Teachers How to Create Magic ▶ http://goo.gl/e5cLvC ◀ Right now there's a student who is coming up with a way to convince his mom or dad that he's very, very sick and can't make it to school tomorrow. ↠ #English #Education #Pedagogy #Teachers #MagicInTheClassroom #EnglishTeachers #Inspiring #Persuasive

Right now there is an aspiring teacher who is working on a 60-page paper based on some age-old education theory developed by some dead education professor wondering to herself what this task that she's engaging in has to do with what she wants to do with her life, which is be an educator, change lives, and spark magic.

Right now there is an aspiring teacher in a graduate school of education who is watching a professor babble on and on about engagement in the most disengaging way possible.

Right now there's a first-year teacher at home who is pouring through lesson plans trying to make sense of standards, who is trying to make sense of how to grade students appropriately, while at the same time saying to herself over and over again, "Don't smile till November," because that's what she was taught in her teacher education program.

On the other hand, right now there are amazing educators that are sharing information, information that is shared in such a beautiful way that the students are sitting at the edge of their seats just waiting for a bead of sweat to drop off the face of this person so they can soak up all that knowledge.

Right now there is also a person who has an entire audience rapt with attention, a person that is weaving a powerful narrative about a world that the people who are listening have never imagined or seen before, but if they close their eyes tightly enough, they can envision that world because the storytelling is so compelling.

Right now there's a person who can tell an audience to put their hands up in the air and they will stay there till he says, "Put them down." Right now.


"Urban Science Education for the Hip-hop Generation", by Christopher Emdin, 2010, PDF ::

Urban science education for the hip-hop generation, PDF - Official Website - BenjaminMadeira


Teach teachers how to create magic, Oct 2013. Christopher Emdin: Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University ::

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