— [http://goo.gl/PkUTrO] Stretch It is a technique that helps teachers follow up correct answers with questions_______________________that extend knowledge and check fro full understanding.

:: RT: Stretch It: Call for Examples ▶ http://goo.gl/PkUTrO ◀ Give a student a question directed at the stretch end of their ability (ZPD), (i.e. on a historical cartoon) then bounce the question to another, more able, student asking them to explain what it means, then the bounce again to an even higher achieving student to offer a judgement on the opinion of the artist (historical cartoon), then bounce again to the class to ask if we agree with their evaluation. Then back to first student to ask if they can offer a higher level answer now. Then everyone writes it. ↠ #Pedagogy #Education

The “stretch it” strategy is a technique that helps teachers continue the learning after a student has answered a question correctly. Instead of using verbal praise and repeating the correct answer to the question to reinforce the idea and learning, the teacher should follow that correct answer by following up with another question to confirm the students understanding of the concept. By doing this, teachers are eliminating the possibility for a question being answered by luck, coincidence, or even partial mastery or understanding. This technique also helps with differentiating instruction, or teaching to multiple skill levels of students. This then allows the teacher to personalize questions to the individual instructional needs of their students.


This technique challenges students to extend their thinking, and checks that students don't get the correct answer by shear luck. ::

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