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The choice of a suitable equivalent will always depend not only on the linguistic system or systems being handled by the translator, but also on the way both the writer of the source text and the producer of the target text, that is the translator, choose to manipulate the linguistic systems in question; on the expectations, background knowledge and prejudices of readers within a specific temporal and spatial location; on translators’ own understanding of their task, including their assessment of what is appropriate in a given situation; and on a range of restrictions that may operate in a given environment at a given point in time, including censorship and various types of intervention by parties other than the translator, author and reader. — Baker:2011:15


{Oración enunciada de forma natural por un hispanohablante}

Ella había pasado una mala noche llena de largos períodos de vigilia interrumpidos por algunos ratos de sueño agitado .

{English translation}

It had been a bad night for her, full of long stretches of wakefulness punctuated by snatches of restless sleep .

{Norsk oversettelse}

Det hadde vært en dårlig natt for henne, full av lange våkenperioder punktert av urolig søvn innimellom .


• [1] Baker, Mona (1st. ed., 1992) (2nd. ed., 2011), In Other Words A coursebook on translation, London: Routledge.

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