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Luke Thompson is an English Language teacher from London but now he teaches English at a university in Paris, while working on other projects including Luke’s English Podcast. He started Luke’s English Podcast in 2009. He is also a stand-up comedian, which means that he likes to stand up in front of audiences of people, and make them laugh.

He has experience of teaching courses in business English, academic English, legal English, general English and English for exam courses like FCE, IELTS and BEC.

He graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 1999 with a BA Hons degree in Media and Cultural Studies. He worked at various media production companies before going into English language teaching. He took his CELTA in 2001 and then his Higher Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) in 2006 at UCL.

He writes a lot of ELT materials, and he develops a lot of courses in business English and EAP. He has written original courses for English for the Pharmaceutical Industry, English for the Oil and Gas Industries and English for Journalists, as well as communication skills workshops in presentations, meetings and negotiations. He is a semi-published author with some of his work being used in materials publications in several countries.


MP3 — What are the similarities between learning a language and learning to play a musical instrument?

These are some of the similarities between learning English and learning to play music.

Love music / Love English
Live music / Live English
Listen to music a lot / Listen to English a lot
Do it with others
Learn from masters
Melody and rhythm
Copy others
Choose the type u want
Learn to read it
Learn to improvise
Study the history of it
Watch it happen live
Put it on your iPhone
Do it with your body
Use it to communicate
Realise it is special and personal
Keep your instrument clean
Do it every day, until it hurts
Start early and don’t give up
Use it to entertain others
Enjoy the way it sounds
Record yourself and listen to it
Watch other people do it on YouTube
Think about how it changes depending on the situation
Sing it regularly
Keep it in your heart
Enjoy the different types from around the world

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